Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mahamrityunjaya Hawan


Mahamrityunjaya Hawan.....Way To Bliss.
I am very Happy to Share the Divine Mahamrityunjaya Hawan which told by Babaji which very one can do at home daily two times or If possible one time.
Timing is Morning while sunrise and Evening while Sun Sets.
Timming is 6am and 6pm.

Required Items:-

Copper hawan kund small size which is easily available.

Samagri required for Ahuthi :-
1) Black Sesame (kala Til)
2) Jaggery (Gud)
3) Jau
4) Rice (Chawal)
5) Cow Ghee (Desi Ghee)
Mix all the above Ahuthi Samagri and store or you can prepare as much as required daily while doing Hawan.
Method For Hawan :-
Invoke Maa Sanjeevani Shakti and Start the Hawan.
Take one Marble Tile or anyother Kota tile and place Hawan Kund and place the Gobbar kand and one Karpoor (Camphor) on it an then place Mango or pipal tree Sticks on it as required and then again put 2-3 Karpooram and light fire to it.When it starts burning completely give Ahuthi 21 times or 11 times of Samagri mentioned above by your three fingers means Your Thumb Finger,Middle Finger and
Samagri for Hawan:-
  1) Gobbar Kand (Dried Cow Dung).
2) Mango or pipal tree sticks dried.
3) Karpooram (Camphor)
Fourth/Ring Finger take the samagri with this three fingers and Recide mantra and Give Ahuthi.

Mahamrityunjaya mantra as follows :-
Om Tryambaka Yajāmahe Sugandhi puṣṭi-vardhanam
Urvārukam Iva Bandhanān Mityor Mukīya Māmitāt swaha.

(Note you have to say Swaha in the last).
The Divine Hawan arises in the form of Smoke makes the whole home fully positive and makes everyone 100% Healthy and positive not only you and your home but everyone near you and your area.Its also Usefull for person Suffering From Brain Hamerage and active all body cells and create new cells and also all the Divine Beings will feel happy and They will Bless you.

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